We started out in 1990 as a small time pile manufacturer. In fact, we were so small that, in order to save
cost, the owner decided to work in the production yard along side the workers. Like the making of many
things, the devil is the the details; the same goes for concrete products. But through this hard labor,
we were able to oversee all the details and solve the problems that came with them. And, with sweat
came expertise. Beside our experience in concrete work, our vision to keep on improving led us to
refine our manufacturing processes. The new technology from Germany allowed us to increase
manufacturing rate, raise the quality, and minimize loss. These qualities empowered us to
withstand the financial crisis and grow. From then, we have and will keep on elevating our
standards, to create the best products for our customers. Therefore, we believe that
we are and will be ready for any competition.